Saturday 28 April 2007

Recognise these guys?

This is a picture taken in Kilternan Garage (where the Statoil is located today) back in the 1930's. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that recognises the lads. There are more pictures in the history section of

Friday 27 April 2007

Information Day on Local Area Plan to be held

Following the recent vote on the Local Area Plan, the Kilternan and Glenamuck residents Association have decided to hold an Information Meeting for residents of Kilternan and Glenamuck to explain what has happened in relation to the LAP vote etc.

Date: Wednesday 9th May
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Our Lady of the Wayside National School in Kilternan (behind the blue church)

-Background to Local Area Plan (2004-2007)
-Highlights/Lowlights from the recent Local Area Plan decision,
-Current Plans / Planning Permissions in progress
-Public Feedback
-Questions and Answers

All welcome. Please pass this on to anyone who is interested

for more details

Tuesday 24 April 2007

High Flying School trip

Mr Kenna, sixth class teacher in Our Lady of the Wayside national school, brought the sixth class on a school trip to see the Air Corp in Baldonnel. The children got a tour of the presidential aircraft, sat in a simulator and got history of the aircraft over the years. They stood beside a helicopter taking off and watched other airplanes taking off and also witnessed some air acrobatics. An interesting and exciting day out for all.
When leaving, they were given a copy of the Air Corp calendar as a momento of the day.

Monday 23 April 2007

Official opening of new school wing

Michael Griffin, principal of Our Lady of the Wayside National School officially opened the new wing of the school, comprising of 4 new classrooms.
Music was provided by children from the school.
The school first opened in 1965 with just 3 classrooms, and over the years, as the population has grown, has expanded to meet the need.
A "puplic/private" partnership, the funds for the extension were a joint effort from the parents, developers and the Department of Education.
Mary Hanifin, Minister for Education spent time in the school with the children.

Saturday 21 April 2007

WARNING - Speed checks in Kilternan

There were some speed checks on the Enniskerry road, however they were so bored that they had a kit-kat and left....

1. so little traffic on the road now
2. roads are in bits, and no self respecting car owner would go over 30!

Friday 20 April 2007

Leaky Sewer Pipes !!!

The new sewer pipes that have been built from Kilternan Bridge to the Kilternan Sports hotel are leaking!
Alegedly, following testing of the new swimming pool at the new complex, water was realeased into the sewer pipes. This water then emerged on the Enniskerry road, half way up the hill, and in two separate places at Kilternan Bridge. It has been exceptionally dry over the past 3 weeks and there is no doubt that this water has come from the pipes.
Residents have been in touch with the council. We await the outcome...

Thursday 19 April 2007

Kilternan battle of schools

Our Lady of the Wayside and Gael-scoil Taobh na Coille lined out today (april 19th) at 3:00 in a camogie challange, as part of the schools league. Wayside have played 2 matchs so far and a win would have placed them high in the table, following a win in their first match and a loss to Our Lady's Grove last month. Wayside led the way with a goal from Emma Errity just before half-time. Chloe Hannill had a few shots at goal, but the goal keeper manged to keep them out. Taobh na Coille fought hard with a great peformance from Maeve, and in the dying moments Taobh na Coille scored a goal. The match was played in Kenna Park opposite Our Lady of the Wayside school.
Final score 1-0:1-0.

Our Lady of the Wayside Team:
Goalie: Sophie Burke;
Full Backs: Ailish Naughton, Emma Errity;
Half Backs: Ciara Byrne, Lisa Carroll, Allison Doherty;
Midfield: Chloe Hammill, Emma Keating;
Half Forwards: Niamh Graham, Aislinn Keane, Amy Corcorcan;
Full Forwards: Sinead Walsh, Eve Callender;
Subs: Grace Kelly, Maire Mohally, Claire Keating;
Manager: Mr Barry Kenna

Gael Scoil Taobh na Coille
Goalie: Sinéad Malinn;
Full Backs: Siobhán Ranken, Eirn McDonald, Orla McDonald;
Half Backs: Róisin Tiarnáin, Susan, Relca Ni Rian;
Midfield: Éabha Rutlig, Niamh Ni Dhonaille;
Half Forwards: Aisling Ni Rian, Caitriona Hayes, Maeve Nuck;
Full Forwards: Freya Kóibin, Leadán Lóibin, Aoife Ni Dhonaille ;
Subs: Leannn Nic Gabhan, Aimee Ni Dull

Going back in Time

Just recieved in this old picture of Kilternan in the 1930's It is a picture take from the current Statoil garage. You can see Our Lady of the Wayside church int he background and behind 3 Rock Mountain with no aerials... You can see the "esso" sign on the entrance to the garage. The picture was take of the "old crocks race".

Wednesday 18 April 2007

Developers starting to look for planning permission

Just noticed a planning permission sign has gone up on the Enniskerry road, going south, just before Kilternan Bridge, beside the new pumping station. Permission is sought for 12 x 3 storey detached houses.

Getting into the picture

A reporter from Southside Newspaper came to the village at 6:15opm to do an article on the recent Local Area Plan. On such a beautiful sunny evening, many of the local Kilternan children came to have their photograph taken, with the Dublin mountains in the background. A snapshot in time, before the development starts...

Tuesday 17 April 2007

Councillors Vote on Kilternan Local Area Plan

A vote took place in County Hall Dun Laoghaire on Monday 16th April

The 3 ward councillors for Glencullen area (who managed the negotiation as this is mainly their voting area) were Maria Corrigan(FF), Tom Joyce(FG) and Lettie McCarthy(Lab), and they brought their parties with them - while the Greens and PDs voted against. final vore 18 in favour, 5 against.

As an observer I felt the whole affair was very dis-organised, dis-jointed and far from planned. It was a last minute rush job - they had to adjourn the meeting for well over an hour, for the 3 ward councillors and the county manager to negotiate (horse-trade) to try to come to some resolution that they could push through.

A lot of work was done by the 3 councillors in the past couple of weeks, however it seemed to have to go to the eleventh hour to get things moving.

I believe the councillors were unsure of what might happen if they did NOT vote it through, as they have no precendence to work from and did not know where they stood legally, so there was a huge amount of pressure to vote something through...

In saying that the following amendments were achieved by the councillors on behalf of the residents.
-a site for a national school,
-some public green space,
-some focus on the new proposed town center,
-shortening of the road
-eliminated some potential "rat-running"
-possible burying of 110v cables and study to be done on 220v cables
-potential "greening" of football pitches behind VEC
-potential "greening" of the land (29b) in Glenamuck cottages
-6 parcels of land which were to be rezoned were put back to previous zonings

Without the support and hard work of the local ward councillors and the Resident's Association this would not have happened, however with better planning and co-ordination with the county manager, I believe a lot more could have been achieved.

note this blog site holds peoples personal views and not those of Residents Association or political parties. If you wish to contribute simply click on comments

Sunday 15 April 2007

State of the Roads

A resident had a puncture, and while getting it fixed, replaced all 4 types on the car. Within one week, she got another pucture... If you have seen the state of the roads around Kilternan you can see why. Sewerage and gas pipe works has seen the village streets torn up and re laid.
Glenamuck road and the main Enniskerry road northbound from Kilternan Bridge to Stepaside is in tatters.
I took a trip in the 44 bus and experience was nausiating. The noise and being bounced around did not make for a pleasant journey.
I suppose there is an advantage in that people are not speeding through the village, as their cars would be ruined!
I do understand that after laying pipes that the ground needs to settle, and if anyne knows if there is a plan to fix it, can you please let me know...
The Local Area Plan is looking at creating a highway through Kilternan village, when many of us would be happy if they simply fixed the existing road!

Saturday 14 April 2007

Special Olympics Ski training in Kilternan

A team of Special Olympics athletes will take part in a training session in Kilternan Ski Club on Saturday 14th April between 2 and 4.

Ball runs out of wine!

Last night a number of us went for a pint in the Ball (aka Palmer's / TheGolden Ball) in Kilternan. When asked for a small bottle of Wolf Blass wine, the response from the lounge boy was that there was none left.... on further investigation, they also had no large bottles. The lounge boy was asked if they ever run out of Heineken, but I dont think he really got the point. He did claim that they get in a 100 bottles a week, but that there had been a lot of demand this week...

Tuesday 10 April 2007

Kilternan Tennis Club

Today was the first day of the Junior Easter Tennis Camp in Kilternan Tennis Club. 15 children aged from 5 to 15 spent from 2:30 to 4:30 with their instructor Trevor Harkness and his assistant.
During this time they practiced their tennis and rounded up with a few games.

Monday 9 April 2007

Kilternan Local Area Plan

Welcome to the Kilternan Blogspot.

The idea of a blogspot is to allow people enter and share the thoughts and comments about Kilternan. Right now the talk of the village is the Local Area Plan.

Do you agree with the plan?
what changes would you like to see to the plan?
which councillors have you talked to (if any)?
do you need information?

Are you aware that there are 2 pages in the local Panorama magazine dedicated to the Local area plan?

I am hoping that this blog will be more than just the Local Area Plan, a place to provide information about events in the area, in the VEC and the School. Results of football matchs and successful people in the area.

Do you think this is a good idea?
What would you like to see?

Click on the "comments" option below to enter your thoughts.

Details of the campaign are to be found on