Monday 9 April 2007

Kilternan Local Area Plan

Welcome to the Kilternan Blogspot.

The idea of a blogspot is to allow people enter and share the thoughts and comments about Kilternan. Right now the talk of the village is the Local Area Plan.

Do you agree with the plan?
what changes would you like to see to the plan?
which councillors have you talked to (if any)?
do you need information?

Are you aware that there are 2 pages in the local Panorama magazine dedicated to the Local area plan?

I am hoping that this blog will be more than just the Local Area Plan, a place to provide information about events in the area, in the VEC and the School. Results of football matchs and successful people in the area.

Do you think this is a good idea?
What would you like to see?

Click on the "comments" option below to enter your thoughts.

Details of the campaign are to be found on

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe add some details of the history of the area.