Tuesday 17 April 2007

Councillors Vote on Kilternan Local Area Plan

A vote took place in County Hall Dun Laoghaire on Monday 16th April

The 3 ward councillors for Glencullen area (who managed the negotiation as this is mainly their voting area) were Maria Corrigan(FF), Tom Joyce(FG) and Lettie McCarthy(Lab), and they brought their parties with them - while the Greens and PDs voted against. final vore 18 in favour, 5 against.

As an observer I felt the whole affair was very dis-organised, dis-jointed and far from planned. It was a last minute rush job - they had to adjourn the meeting for well over an hour, for the 3 ward councillors and the county manager to negotiate (horse-trade) to try to come to some resolution that they could push through.

A lot of work was done by the 3 councillors in the past couple of weeks, however it seemed to have to go to the eleventh hour to get things moving.

I believe the councillors were unsure of what might happen if they did NOT vote it through, as they have no precendence to work from and did not know where they stood legally, so there was a huge amount of pressure to vote something through...

In saying that the following amendments were achieved by the councillors on behalf of the residents.
-a site for a national school,
-some public green space,
-some focus on the new proposed town center,
-shortening of the road
-eliminated some potential "rat-running"
-possible burying of 110v cables and study to be done on 220v cables
-potential "greening" of football pitches behind VEC
-potential "greening" of the land (29b) in Glenamuck cottages
-6 parcels of land which were to be rezoned were put back to previous zonings

Without the support and hard work of the local ward councillors and the Resident's Association this would not have happened, however with better planning and co-ordination with the county manager, I believe a lot more could have been achieved.

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