Sunday 15 April 2007

State of the Roads

A resident had a puncture, and while getting it fixed, replaced all 4 types on the car. Within one week, she got another pucture... If you have seen the state of the roads around Kilternan you can see why. Sewerage and gas pipe works has seen the village streets torn up and re laid.
Glenamuck road and the main Enniskerry road northbound from Kilternan Bridge to Stepaside is in tatters.
I took a trip in the 44 bus and experience was nausiating. The noise and being bounced around did not make for a pleasant journey.
I suppose there is an advantage in that people are not speeding through the village, as their cars would be ruined!
I do understand that after laying pipes that the ground needs to settle, and if anyne knows if there is a plan to fix it, can you please let me know...
The Local Area Plan is looking at creating a highway through Kilternan village, when many of us would be happy if they simply fixed the existing road!

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