Saturday 14 April 2007

Ball runs out of wine!

Last night a number of us went for a pint in the Ball (aka Palmer's / TheGolden Ball) in Kilternan. When asked for a small bottle of Wolf Blass wine, the response from the lounge boy was that there was none left.... on further investigation, they also had no large bottles. The lounge boy was asked if they ever run out of Heineken, but I dont think he really got the point. He did claim that they get in a 100 bottles a week, but that there had been a lot of demand this week...

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Anonymous said...

Ball runs out of time : )
It's a shame it's up for sale but I'd imagine few reading this will be surprised. I have a question though - does anyone know if it will remain a pub or can the potential new owners knock it down and build apartments. If the 18 million price tag is to be believed, I can't see some developer keeping the bar there for the sake of posterity. I hope it remains - it's a huge part of Kilternan life.
Tim, Kilternan,